DJ Spair - The Spair Mix Project

  • Artist: DJ Spair
  • Category: Hip Hop
  • Name: The Spair Mix Project
  • Size: 1267mb
  • Quality: FLAC, MP3


Side 1
1 DJ Spair Confused Phobia
2 DJ Spair Chirps You Drive Me Crazy
3 DJ Spair You Know My Style
4 DJ Spair Practice What You Preach
5 DJ Spair Da Youngstas Get Mad Props
6 DJ Spair Wake Up And Bust These
7 DJ Spair I Flip Da Tears
8 DJ Spair Relationships Bring Problems
9 DJ Spair Think About Sally
10 DJ Spair Think Twice About Sadness
11 DJ Spair Smooth B Took My Blunt
12 DJ Spair I Was A Virgin Before
13 DJ Spair Watch Rerog Do His Think (Cosmic Crew)
14 DJ Spair James Brown Meets Peter Parker
15 DJ Spair Weside Whooride
16 DJ Spair P.E. 1988 Mix
17 Kaotix* Questions
Side 2
1 DJ Spair Break Side 30:00


  • DJ Mix – DJ Spair


Pro-made cassette & insert. Side 1 is a highly technical mix of a few full songs, mash-ups/blends, song snippets, samples and lots of scratching. Side 2 has a few more full songs, plus just the breaks of many songs, and more cuts and scratches.