Black Devotion - Usurper of Satans Victorious Kingdom

  • Artist: Black Devotion
  • Category: Hip Hop
  • Name: Usurper of Satan's Victorious Kingdom
  • Size: 1267mb
  • Quality: FLAC, MP3


1 Usurper of Satan's Victorious Kingdom
2 Behold the Everlasting Flames of the Infernal Crowned Princes
3 Angel of the Bottomless Pit
4 The Serpent of Malignity and Hell-Fire
5 Unhallowed Temple of Ritual Sacrifice
6 The Trinity of Evil Rises from the Abyss
7 Catacombs Within the Shadows of Death
8 The Ring of Fierce Necrosis and Devilry
9 Gate of the Sacred Black Doctrine


Limited to 200 copies. Program repeats on side B.