Various - SAC007: 1999 2001

  • Artist: Various
  • Category: Rock
  • Name: SAC007: 1999 & 2001
  • Size: 1127mb
  • Quality: FLAC, MP3


1-1.1 Chris Woodhouse What's Wrong With This Town Lately?
1-1.2 The Readymades (SMF) You Swim With Your Shirt On
1-1.3 Positraction Fuck Canada
1-1.4 NAR Grey Sky
1-1.5 Riff Randals* Cock
1-1.6 The Big D Alison With One 'L'
1-1.7 The Knockoffs Dancing With Myself
1-1.8 Ric & Thee Young Rogues Wild Boys
1-1.9 The Bananas Revenge Fantasy #427 (Demo)
1-1.10 The Peeping Toms Sieze The Day (Live On KDVS)
1-1.11 Mynock Pigs In A Blanket
1-1.12 Celery Stalkers Theme Song
1-1.13 Secretions I Want You To Be My Muse
1-1.14 The Four Eyes Lost In Space
1-1.15 The Wizards Socery & Casting Spells
1-1.16 The Coz Indexer E
1-1.17 Milhouse SMF Louie Louie
1-2.1 Ric Rousso And The River Rats Near The River
1-2.2 Riff Randals* Never Girl Boy (First Show)
1-2.3 The Readymades (SMF) Four Aces (Live On KDVS)
1-2.4 NAR Crystal Days
1-2.5 The Knockoffs Aqua Dirty
1-2.6 The Four Eyes The Sign
1-2.7 Mynock Games For F.U.N.
1-2.8 The Peeping Toms Us & Them
1-2.9 The Bananas Slippery Subject (Demo)
1-2.10 Ric & Thee Young Roges Do You Like T-Shirts?
1-2.11 Celery Stalkers Outta My League
1-2.12 Milhouse SMF
1-2.13 The Big D Disease
1-2.14 Positraction Underwater Larry
1-2.15 Secretions Ain't That Pretty At All
1-2.16 The Coz Indexer E (Live)
2-1 The Pretty Girls* I Like To Buy Clothes
2-2 Sugar Lips I Don't Like Your Boyfriend
2-3 Secretions Freaks Like Us
2-4 Milhouse USA I Don't Hangout With Christians
2-5 Lizards God Save The Goats, Pigs, Chicken & Flies
2-6 The Big D Skyscraper
2-7 The Readymades (SMF) Kiss Someone You Love
2-8 The Four Eyes Rock & Roll Martian
2-9 King Robot Don't Fight The Sea
2-10 The Failures Shove That Bumpersticker Up Your Ass
2-11 Fuck Your Heroes Mello
2-12 The Bananas The Beginning Of The End
2-13 Dartanyan Youth In Asia
2-14 The Pumkin Seeds Stoned To Death
2-15 Data Side By Side
2-16 NAR Modenr Man
2-17 The Wizards Wonderful Men
2-18 3FF Sad New World
2-19 The Knockoffs Alternative Ulster
2-20 Red Tape Brain Fry
2-21 The Colonels Long Haired Country Boy
2-22 Mynock Fascism Failed
2-23 Speeding In The Rain An Open Flame
2-24 Riff Randals* Man Song
2-25 Rock The Light 1972


  • Artwork – Charles Albright


Two all Sacramento compilations that were supposed to be released in 1999 & 2001.