Various - Rock 4 Haiti, Azulejos

  • Artist: Various
  • Category: Rock
  • Name: Rock 4 Haiti, Azulejos
  • Size: 1724mb
  • Quality: FLAC, MP3


1-1 JOLLY ROX Elizabeth
1-2 Carlos Dunga Tunnel senza fine
1-3 The Unbelievable Noisy Quartet Lost Words
1-4 Qube Zed
1-5 Panic.0 Dentro di te
1-6 Break is over Loying again Raise Again
1-7 The Hacienda Conversation less
1-8 The Clericalz Yesterday birthday
1-9 The Spooky Kids Sweet Dreams (Marylin Manson Tribute Band)
1-10 Tomviolence Not alligned
1-11 Charme Behind the faith
1-12 Uncontrollable Urge Acrotomophilia
1-13 99 Under The Ashes Well gone
1-14 Velvet Score The love song maker
1-15 Orodreth Raider of souls
1-16 Punkake Bambina
1-17 Blackalexxx Wicked
2-1 I. Ozena She Kissed a girl (readaption of Katy Perrys "I Kissed a girl")
2-2 Junkie Dildoz It aint easy baby
2-3 Delyria Eulogy
2-4 Raven Tide Lucifer Bliss
2-5 Nubi di Alcool Gambero Rosso
2-6 Noiseful Silence A lie to believe in
2-7 Vice Dolls The picture
2-8 Resinga Prendimi così
2-9 Akira is The last chance to survive
2-10 Escape from Shelbynlle Try to be me
2-11 When People Scream Pain Drawn your lies
2-12 Verboten Kussen Una discesa nel buio
2-13 Wilatoods She has been created
2-14 The Ghost Attie Society Honesty in a dishonest world
2-15 Dragonia Days of sorrow
2-16 My passional breakfast Picture of a lie
2-17 The Dreamlore The northen wind caress
2-18 Kaos Dimension Maybe